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Class Information

Your learning style is the most important information for us to know.

It will help us know how to teach so you are successful! Our classes are small so we can provide individual attention and make adaptations to meet your needs.  The atmosphere includes structure + rules which creates an atmosphere to learn.

Start by contacting us to arrange a trial. We'd like to meet you and provide a free lesson to learn about you and give you a chance to see how you like karate!

Class Schedules

St. Louis Park at Groves Academy


Beginners 6:00 PM

Intermediate/ Black Belts 6:45 PM


Beginners 6:00 PM

Intermediate/ Black Belts 6:45 PM


Beginners  9:45AM

Intermediate/Black Belts 10:30 AM

Woodbury location 


Intermediate  5:30-6:15 PM

Beginners  6:15-7:00 PM


Intermediate  1:15-2 PM

Beginners   2-2:45 PM


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