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KARE 11 Features JK Martial Arts

We are very thankful to one of the dojo (JKMA school) mothers, Heidi.  When KARE 11 Television Sports announcer Eric Perkins, asked on Facebook for a ‘feel good sports story’ she immediately suggested JK Martial Arts. We are sharing it with you because we know, ”…

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Yes You Can Learn Karate

We customize and adapt to your learning challenges. Ages 6-60+ can do this sport. There are huge benefits to learning karate. And just like school, when the teaching is customized and adapted to meet a person’s needs, success happens. The…

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How Karate Influenced Me

The best answer to this question lies in the response from a student.   Each student testing for their Black Belt at JK Martial Arts is required to write a paper answering this question.  The papers are as remarkable as the students.  This…

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JK Martial Arts Helps Students Improve Social Skills

Karate requires discipline. It is a very old tradition that is honored by many dedicated instructors. It demands respect and requires humility. These are the values students learn while taking karate at JK Martial Arts: Discipline, Honor, Respect and Humility. These values…

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Customized Teaching Methods for Each Student

Everyone processes information differently.  That is one of the most exciting aspects of being human. Nobody is the same. Even an individual’s mood and the way he or she learns can vary day to  day.  This is true of those…

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Exercise is Medicine

JK Martial Arts is celebrating its 8th anniversary this month. When I started this business back in 2007, the first question I asked myself was, “How does the JK Martial Arts curriculum help special learners?” With 30 years of experience…

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Welcome to the JK Martial Arts official blog. We are very excited to begin sharing all sorts of news, events, educational items, and more with you via this blog, so please bookmark us and visit often. Thank you!

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