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JK Martial Arts Helps Students Improve Social Skills

Karate requires discipline. It is a very old tradition that is honored by many dedicated instructors. It demands respect and requires humility. These are the values students learn while taking karate at JK Martial Arts: Discipline, Honor, Respect and Humility.

These values serve as the foundation of all our karate classes. With time and practice, students learn to apply the same values outside the dojo and go on to experience success in other areas of their lives.

A mother of a JKMA student was pleasantly surprised when her normally defiant son said to her, “yes ma’am!” She was so grateful for his increasingly respectful behavior at home and school. (Karate students are required to reply, “Yes ma’am!” or “Yes sir!” when given a command.)

A 12-year-old Black Belt student also has improved his social skills after taking karate at JKMA.   He wrote, “Because I learned dignity from karate, I have learned to hold my head high and be proud of myself. Honor has helped me to accept other people’s opinions and be kind to the people in my life.”

A 13-year-old Black Belt student echoes this sentiment, saying, “Karate has taught me how to make friends outside of school.”

It is extremely gratifying to help people gain more confidence and experience greater success in life through karate. But JKMA isn’t the only place one can learn to improve social skills. Indeed, Jane Steinhagen, a mother of a JKMA student, offers special classes in this area. Just visit to learn more.

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