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We are an all-inclusive school, teaching Karate to children and adults with a focus on neuro-diverse individuals, like those with Autism, ADD or ADHD

Karate helps improve focus, memory, mood, self confidence and mind body connection or complex motor planning plus the physical benefits of increasing strength, flexibility, balance, and cardio performance. Exercise is the most beneficial intervention in people’s lives to optimize brain and body function. Our style of teaching is especially beneficial for children and adults with ADD, ADHD, Spectrum Disorders, Dyslexia, Reading or Mood Disorders and other learning difficulties. The format is structured, methodical, and repetitive, creating the boundaries beneficial for Attention Deficit Disorder and the routine required by those with Autism or Aspergers, and the discipline that creates success for everyone. In each class we use multisensory instruction, adapt our teaching to the student’s learning style and their mind body capabilities.

At JK Martial Arts we teach Shorei-Ryu, a Japanese, hard style karate

Our primary dojos (schools) are located in Robbinsdale and Woodbury. We serve Minneapolis and the greater Twin Cities area with our flexible scheduling and traveling. Everyone succeeds – we customize and adapt for you. Contact us to discuss your needs, your child’s needs and schedule a free, trial lesson.

Our Locations

United Church of Christ

Trinity Presbyterian Church

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