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Karate Helps those with Mood Disorders

Exercise produces calming chemical changes in the brain. It is an anti-depressant. It adjusts the chemistry of the entire brain to restore normal signaling, Dr. John Ratey in Spark.

The delight of success in each class with the increased brain chemicals normalizes the moods of our students. The combination of exercise, the structure of our classes, our teaching methods and our values (Respect, Discipline, Honor, Humility) bring the following benefits to those with mood disorders.

Students will learn karate and benefit in the following ways

    • Stimulates natural brain chemical production to increase brain function
    • Succeed in every class – Proof that you can help yourself!
    • Improved mood
    • Control emotions and actions
    • Improve discipline and self control
    • Stress relief
    • Stress control
    • Respect Others
    • Become more patient
    • Increase social confidence so you are not bullied

vBe strong, not a victim

  • Expand circle of friends
  • Increase Executive Function (motivation, prioritization, organization, analysis)
  • Physical fitness
  • Mind body awareness
Benefits for Mood Disorders
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