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Karate Helps those with Learning Differences

Those with Dyslexia, or other defined or non defined learning disabilities including Downs Syndrome, will benefit from the exercise of karate, our teaching methods and our adaptations. Exercise stimulates the brain chemicals, requiring the body and brain to work together. Our teaching method is multi-sensory using auditory, visual and kinesthetic techniques. Karate requires learning a series of motor skills while being aerobic.

As the mother of a child with Downs Syndrome said, “JKMA is a safe, viable option for activity.”

Students will learn karate and benefit in the following ways

  • Improve focus, concentration and sustain attention
  • Improved Memory
  • Stimulate brain function
  • Increase Executive Function (motivation, prioritization, organization, analysis)
  • Cross the midline
  • Strength, Balance, Flexibility Coordination
  • Increased confidence and self esteem
  • Mind body connection
  • Physical fitness
Benefits for Learning Differences
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