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How Karate Influenced Me

The best answer to this question lies in the response from a student.   Each student testing for their Black Belt at JK Martial Arts is required to write a paper answering this question.  The papers are as remarkable as the students.  This…

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JK Martial Arts Helps Students Improve Social Skills

Karate requires discipline. It is a very old tradition that is honored by many dedicated instructors. It demands respect and requires humility. These are the values students learn while taking karate at JK Martial Arts: Discipline, Honor, Respect and Humility. These values…

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Exercise is Medicine

JK Martial Arts is celebrating its 8th anniversary this month. When I started this business back in 2007, the first question I asked myself was, “How does the JK Martial Arts curriculum help special learners?” With 30 years of experience…

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