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Customized Teaching Methods for Each Student

Everyone processes information differently.  That is one of the most exciting aspects of being human. Nobody is the same. Even an individual’s mood and the way he or she learns can vary day to  day.  This is true of those with known learning challenges and those without a “diagnois.” In my previous blog, I posed the question: “How does the JK Martial Arts curriculum help special learners?”  Typical learners, as well as those with challenges, use one or a combination of three learning styles: visual, audible or kinesthetic.  During the first free trial lesson given by Sensei Katherine, she discovers how the new student learns. Then she uses the appropriate cue to teach the student. Visual learners will watch Sensei’s moves first and then follow them. Audible learners will listen to Sensei repeat the same cues, and then execute them. Kinesthetic learners learn by doing the move over and over again using pads so they have sensory stimulation. You can learn more about how Sensei customizes learning for each student in this short video.

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